Head Body Christ
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Head Body Christ
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Jesus Himself Guides

Guide Dog PuppyAs the head of the body of Christ, Jesus himself guides and directs individual Christians. He works to mature followers in and through their lives of prayer, study, and action. In a human body, the head affects what the person thinks, hears, says and ultimately does. "God requires only one thing of his cells," comments Doctor Paul Brand, (1914-2003) a pioneering Christian doctor, "that each person be loyal to the head." An Early Church creed simplifies this agreement by affirming simply, "Jesus is Lord." This means total and utter control of the Christian and the Christian church by Christ himself.

Body Emanations

Poland Statue of Body of ChristThe head of the body takes control of the mystical body at its many levels. An individual Christian is guided by the God who dwells in his or her human frame. In the household body, united by a common faith, Jesus combines many individuals' gifts and skills to powerfully influence the world. In the corporate body, the head of the body orchestrates a multitude of parts to produce intricate harmonies of praise and witness.

Global Unity

World GlobeAcross the globe, Jesus in himself smoothes out denominational differences and brings unity between different races and nationalities. In the Heavenly courts, paved with shining gold, Jesus is the focus of worship from all the members of his eternal body. The mystical body extends back in time to before the Creation and forward to Jesus' triumphant return and beyond.

Christ In Our Midst

Praying HandsWhen two or three people pray together or two or three thousand people sing together or countless millions worship together around the throne of God in Heaven, they are bound by Christ the head of the body. Every different emanation of the Body of Christ is controlled by Jesus, the body's head.

"Head Body Christ"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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