Mystical Body Head
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Mystical Body Head
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Christ's Brain Directs

Jesus of NazarethChrist is the one and only Mystical Body Head. The Mystical Body resides in the church and does not belong to its clergy, leaders or even congregations, for Jesus Christ describes the church in Matthew 16.18 as "my church." Though some Rectors would like to be "rulers," (which is what the Old English word means), the Body head does not allow a hierarchical or even a democratic government of the church. It is and must always be theocratic, a form of government in which Christ alone is in complete control.

Christ Controls

BishopNo one person, whether bishop overseer, deacon or elder, can rule over the Mystical Body and no elected lay representative can control her. Only Christ can rule. Woe betide any individual who seeks to lead God's church without listening to and obeying the Head!

From the Top

X-ray picture of a human skullLike a human brain, Christ directs every single one of the Body parts. The limbs flex by virtue of a network of tendons, muscles and nervous system connections but only when the brain says so. Every heartbeat and breath is orchestrated by Jesus, the Mystical Body Head. Therefore, no one part of the Body of Christ is more important than any other.

Belonging to His Body

EyesThough the various individual segments, like an intricate hand or a focusing eye, are amazing in themselves Jesus as Mystical Body Head empowers each one not because they are superior but because they belong to his body.

"Mystical Body Head"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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