Christ's Personal Body
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Christ's Personal Body
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Hidden From View

Exalting HolinessThe outer visible shell often deceives us as to the complex nature of the Mystical Body that lies hidden inside. We struggle to understand how God plants Christ's personal body within an individual like a hidden spark when Jesus becomes that person's Lord and Savior.

Transforming Our Attitudes

ChaliceWe know it is true by the transformation of that person's attitude and life but we fail to appreciate the amazing and complex work of God's Holy Spirit within. The agent, the God-essence that does the transforming, is hidden beneath the skin, deep within the persona, quietly enlightening the heart and the mind. At Holy Communion, the sacramental bread and wine similarly disguises Christ's body in a way we cannot even begin to comprehend. Across the globe, invisible ties bind together Christians of all nations, colors, and languages in the "Body of Christ Worldwide." In Heaven, beyond the furthermost aspect of the created universe, the triumphal no-longer-seen and hidden Universal Body worships in unnumbered waves around the glistening throne of God.✞

"Christ's Personal Body"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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