Female Body Christ
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Female Body Christ
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Ideal Ministry Model

Jesus LaughingThe word Church is normally used today of a building where Christians meet but it is, in fact, more appropriately the name for a group of people who are called apart to worship the Lord. The New Testament Greek word for church is ecclesia. The word "Ecclesia" has two parts, "ek" meaning "out of" and "klesis" meaning "a calling." These combine to make church an assembly called apart to the Lord. It translates an older Hebrew word "kahal" meaning "assembly". These words for "church" are feminine and it is, therefore, appropriate to describe the church as the female body of Christ and use the word "she." That being said, many people today still refer to the church as "it."

Female Entity

Girl with plant in handsIn the New Testament writings, the church is invariably a small local worshipping group of Christians rather than a building. The body of Christ is, however, the ideal ministry model. She was the New Testament church prior to buildings for worship and is also God's choice in the Twenty-First Century for our church. This female body, when rediscovered, will provide what we now call "our church" with a clear and focused vision for the future. We shall see what we can be.✞

"Female Body Christ"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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