Body Index Sixth
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Body Index Sixth
Pages 113 to 127

Jesus Spiritual Temple

Corporate"The Body Index Sixth" examines the Corporate Body of Christ which acted like a heavy jacket to protect and enable the real Body of Christ to do her work. Today's feature is the Christian Buildings

Chapter 6
The Corporate Body of Christ
Pages 113-127

Institutional Church Body
Page 113
Corporate Body of Christ
Page 114
Called Apart People
Page 115
Christian Buildings
Page 116
Christ Body Building
Page 117
Jesus Spiritual Temple
Page 118
Spiritual Body Temple
Page 119
Christ Body Ministry
Page 120
Small Size Churches
Page 121
Household Church Leaders
Page 122
Different Sized Bodies
Page 123
Christian Vine Branch
Page 124
Various Religious Viewpoints
Page 125
Institutional Christian Church
Page 126
Mainline Institutional Church
Page 127

"Body Index Sixth"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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