Body Index Four
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Body Index Four
Pages 65 to 81

Inward Invisible Grace

SacramentsThe Mystical Body Index Four illuminated how the sacraments concealed and also revealed the Body of Jesus Christ. Today's feature is the Agape Love Meal

Chapter 4
The Sacramental Body of Christ
Pages 65-81

Inward Invisible Grace
Page 65
Holy Spirit Baptism
Page 66
Jesus Christ Baptism
Page 67
Holy Spirit Work
Page 68
Essential Heavenly Bread
Page 69
Jesus Living Bread
Page 70
Jesus Spiritual Food
Page 71
Agape Love Meal
Page 72
Holy Communion Elements
Page 73
Jesus Blood
Page 74
Jesus Salvation Chalice
Page 75
Jesus Cross Sacrament
Page 76
Jesus Cross Sign
Page 77
Jesus Cross Treasure
Page 78
Jesus Cross Decision
Page 79
Jesus Cross Curse
Page 80
Jesus Christ Love
Page 81

"Body Index Four"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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