Body Index Three
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Body Index Three
Pages 46 to 64

Christian Life Definitions

Winter BreakThis section explains the Mystical Body of Christ at the human and personal level. We all need to examine our Christian Faith from time to time in order to improve our relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. By regular reading of the Bible, personal prayer, worship in a believing community church and witnessing to our faith we gain maturity and also the ability to be of greater use in our ministries. Today's features are the Spiritual Body Christ, the Christian Life Definition and Jesus Shining Face. There are also sections on Personal Christian Names, the Holy Christian Life and Christian Body Gifts.

Chapter Three
Jesus Body in Me
Pages 46-64

Personal Christian Names
Page 46
Christian Commitment
Page 47
Rediscovered Christian Faith
Page 48
Christian Life Definition
Page 49
Christ's Personal Indwelling
Page 50
Christian Self Image
Page 51
Divine Image Likeness
Page 52
Spiritual Body Likeness
Page 53
Christian Spiritual Maturity
Page 54
Spiritual Body Christ
Page 55
Serving Jesus Christ
Page 56
Christian Spiritual Gifts
Page 57
Christian Body Gifts
Page 58
Holy Christian Life
Page 59
Christ Opens Eyes
Page 60
Jesus Christ Mind
Page 61
Acknowledge Jesus Christ
Page 62
Jesus Shining Face
Page 63
Lord Jesus Face
Page 64

"Body Index Three"
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