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Christian People Resources
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Toronto Diocesan Crest

Toronto Diocesan CrestAs an engineer, I felt that I could bring precision and order to the task. My church ministry has given me compassion, honesty and ethics. Secular work has helped me to understand working people and their various philosophies of life. My vocation has taught me how to build up others in the Christian faith. I have always encouraged Christian people to devote their lives to Christ, to read and follow the full Word of God, the Bible and to share their faith with others. This website has tried to provide the resources to do so. My experience as a webmaster since 2000 AD has shown me the opportunity in a brand new media to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Precision and Order

AlaskaI want to communicate the Good News of the Lord Jesus with ordinary people wherever they may be. Every day, close to 400 people from a great number of countries around the world visit this website more than half of them on mobile devices. Tellout is translated into about 30 languages and over 158 countries as it goes around the globe. It is looked at by interested people in every USA state from the warm sands of Hawaii to the ice and snow of Alaska and every province of Canada. I am honored to serve as the Lord's servant on this endeavor to a growing number of visitors every day. Please pray that this ministry will continue to expand as God blesses it.

The Rev. Cpt. Ron Meacock P. Eng.✞

"Christian People Resources"
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